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Christ-Centered Curriculum

Mrs. Doreen Claggett of Christ-Centered Curriculum, and we at JOY Center of Learning are pleased to make available to you Professor B Mathematics. Those using Christ-Centered Curriculum Math have been asking, "What should we use after CCC Math B?" Mrs. Claggett spent considerable time finding just the right answer to that question: Professor B Mathematics.

Our Recommendations:

Professor B Mathematics is founded on Biblical principles. It does not, however, refer to Scripture or the Biblical principles directly as does Christ-Centered Curriculum. We recommend that you use Christ-Centered Curriculum Math A & B for laying those foundations in Biblical principles for children up to about age six. CCC Math gives basic instruction in money and time that Professor B Math does not cover. After completing CCC Math B, begin Professor B, Level 1. Begin older children directly in Professor B Math Level 1.

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