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Teaching Tips

  1. DO NOT spend more than 30 minutes a day on Professor B Math. At the end of a lesson in the book or at the end of 30 minutes, stop the lesson for the day. The only exceptions would be the couple of lessons in Levels II and III where they specifically tell you to complete the entire lessons and spend X number of minutes on each activity.

  2. DO NOT spend more than 5 minutes a day on review drill work. After you have finished the lessons where you are introducing and teaching the concepts, I recommend spending only 2 minutes on drill work a day. Once your child is in Level II, you may wish to spend 2 minutes on multiplication and 2 minutes on addition/subtraction.

  3. Stop games at the peak of excitement. If you stop when the children are still excited about what they are doing, they will be more interested in doing it again the next day.

  4. Have enthusiasm for what you are doing. If you portray an attitude that this is boring, your children will pick up on that and be bored as well.

  5. Real definitions of "This is boring" (when spoken by a child):
    1. "This is too easy - please go faster!"
    2. "This is too hard but I don't want to admit it."

  6. Have your older children teach your younger ones. This provides the older children with additional reinforcement of the concepts and it gives the younger children an example to follow. It also frees up your time.

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