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Miscellaneous Additional Information
Ages: Any child aged two, three, or four can join in with children ages five and beyond in the interactive oral instruction and finger practice sessions of Level 1.

Manipulatives: I highly recommend using the Cube-A-Link Cubes to visually illustrate math concepts presented within the Professor B curriculum. Wherever popsicle sticks are used, you can usually use the cubes.

We also recommend the use of flashcards for variety in drilling any math facts in addition, subtraction and multiplication. Many children find it difficult to focus on one question on the Professor B Charts and find flashcards easier. Using a mixture of both the charts and flashcards works quite well. Flannelgraph numbers and pictures in the Beginning Counting Set are also excellent visual hands-on aids for children who relate to that type of instruction.

SANITY SAVER! When a child comes up against a concept that no matter how you try they just don't seem to get it, take a break from math lessons for a few days or a week and spend about 5 - 10 minutes per day on drill work only. After your extended break, re-teach the problem lessons. Consider a slightly different approach on the second time around and perhaps add in some manipulatives to demonstrate the concept. Because the concept has had time to percolate in the brain for a while, more often than not, they suddenly "get it!"

While You Wait for the child's brain to percolate and digest the difficult concept, consider using the "Mathematical Reasoning" book, math games, computer math games.

Patience: All good things come to those who wait! While doing Level 1, don't be worried about not covering "all" the things some other math programs teach. You will get to that in Level 2.

Additional Resources: Another excellent resource to use that will compliment the Professor B Mathematics is "Mathematical Reasoning" by Critical Thinking Press. It is an excellent introduction to other mathematical concepts and thinking skills foundational to mathematics, as well as some geometry concepts. These are tremendously valuable books that would be helpful for any student.

The Professor B Algebra Book 1 should take approximately six months to complete. There will eventually be three books in the series which will give a student high school level algebra, thus preparing them for advanced math such as the Saxon Advanced Math. It will take approximately 1 ½ years to complete all three algebra books. Book 2 should be ready in the early summer of 2003 and Book 3 will be ready by early 2004.

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