Phonics Drill Reader Introduction

The Phonics Drill Reader is separate from the Christ-Centered Curriculum Phonics Lesson Guides and is not specifically referred to in the CCC Phonics Lesson Guides. You can start using The Drill Reader whenever you want. You might want to postpone using it for the first few weeks until you become comfortable with using the Phonics Lesson Guides/workbooks. Gradually add in the Drill Reader to your routine. You can start with a child in the Level A or wait until you are in the
Level B.

This book can be used with any curriculum as a tool for teaching spelling and increasing reading speed.

I recommend reading the introductory pages first for your own information and understanding. You will see that page 3 of the book is pretty much the same as one of the drill charts. So, as you learn the short "a" sound, drill that column on page 3 and on page 4, with the child learning to "read" each blend quickly. As the child shows readiness, you then skip over to page 5 and do the short "a" words column and then over to page 6 for the short "a" page. When you move up to the short "e" lesson, return to pages 3 and 4, completing the short "e" columns and then proceed to page 5 for the short "e" column and then page 6 for the short "e" words. As each new letter is learned, use the drill pages that correspond.

Be sure to point out patterns of sound and syllabication in the blends and words. Always briefly review the phonics rule(s) that applies to the particular page. You might have the child tell you the rule(s).

I recommend working up to about 15 minutes of time spent over the day in the Drill Reader in approximately 5 minute segments. Of course when you are just drilling the letter blend columns, you will need only 5 minutes. Some children thoroughly enjoy the thrill of learning to read and playing "beat my best time" (use a stop watch) and will not be content with just 15 minutes a day. Encourage those children to practice independently at other times when they want something to do. You will be amazed at how quickly your child will be reading using this method.

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